Benefits Of DA


Improvisation has many benefits. Settling our awareness in our own movement expression allows new experiences to emerge in how we perceive ourselves and others.

Stimulates intuition… improvisation is spontaneous – there is no fixed outcome. Instead, we develop intuition for making creative choices and responses.

Increases creativity… improvisation takes us beyond our usual reactions allowing new responses to emerge from the present moment.

Empowerment and confidence building… with the permission inherent in improvisation to say “yes” and “no”, we play with other possibilities in what we want to accept and what we don’t. Responses are in the hands of the improviser so the improviser also creates their own measurements for progress.

Development of… relaxation, range and quality of movement, awareness, instinct, spontaneity, playfulness, concentration, fitness, humor, passion and listening skills both to ourselves and others.

Expanding personal limits… with the absence of prescribed limits we establish new expanded zones of comfort and confidence about ourselves.

Strengthening connection to ourselves and to others… in the absence of an external model to follow, we can find a connection to our inner world which grows our capacity for connection to the outer world and how we can interact with others.