DA Classes

DanceAbility Sunday Workshops Autumn 2017 in Zodiak B2

We have weekly DanceAbility classes  every Sunday at Cable Factory, Helsinki 03.09- 17.12.17. All classes are in studio B2. The classes are open for anyone to join and are taught by different DanceAbility Teachers. The classes are open for anyone to join.

Duet from a DanceAbility Sunday class between Gunilla Sjövall and Minna Lehikoinen. Action response with touch.

Where: Cable Factory, Tallberginkatu 1 B, Helsinki (Map). Zodiak dance studio B2 (11.09 in C4). The space is accessible. Entrance with wheelchairs with the freight elevator. An accessible elevator can be found also from the Cable Factory’s main entrance at gate C (opposite the restaurant Hima & Sali).

Time: 14:00-16:00

Price: Season Card (18 classes) 80€, Serial Card (6 classes) 27€ from our Online Shop. The fee for a single class is 5€ (to be paid in cash to the teacher before the class). The first class is free, the classes are always free for participating assistants.

A typical class begins with participants relaxing their bodies and focusing their attention on the inner sensations of their body. The participants are then guided into movement so they can follow their desires and interests and allow their body to speak. Once the body is warmed up exercises are done in duets, trios or the whole group. Instead of using words we use the language of the body to communicate. Each class is uniquely structured for the people who attend so everyone is included. The classes are structured in a way that we are all given an opportunity to learn from each other. The classes usually last for 2 hours but can also be shorter. Since our inception in 2009 over 2000 people have participated in our workshops. To really understand DanceAbility you need to experience it.

“DanceAbility opened my eyes to see the beauty of human beings. You don’t need the  words when dancing. Dancing in a small group is like a big story, everyone makes their own story. Everyone joins in the quiet and multicultural rhythms of life, again and again. Peace inside, I like it very much.” DanceAbility workshop participant 2009.

“I felt freer than in any other dance class I have been in. It was beautiful to feel that every movement was perfect, there was no trying, no failing. It was beautiful to feel equal and to enjoy the bodies movement and the movement of others.” DanceAbility workshop participant 2013.”

Example Warm-Up

DanceAbility Children’s Classes Autumn 2017 in Zodiak B2

Dates for autumn are every other Saturday starting 02.09., 16.9., 30.09., 14.10., 28.10., 11.11., 25.11., 09.12.  The classes are from 15-16.

If you have any questions about children’s classes please call Jonna Lehto +358 405439571 or email daf@danceabilityfinland.com. If you want to keep posted join our FB group or mailing list.