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Opportunities to study

DanceAbility Intensives

Sally Davison is a certified Master DanceAbility Teacher and is able to offer four-day long (or 28-hour) DanceAbility  Intensives.

If you are interested in organising or participating in a Teacher Intensive please contact Sally:

 DanceAbility Teacher Certification 2023

There is the opportunity to study the DanceAbility method and to become a certified teacher this year: Please check the DAI international website for more details

Check this 10 min documentary click here

About the DanceAbility Teacher Certification Course


DanceAbility Teacher CertificationWHAT: Participants learn how to use and teach the DanceAbility™ Method of mixed-abilities dance and movement. They will learn to teach integrated groups in dance and movement, and learn a model for facilitating groups with FULLY inclusive participation. These creative movement practices allow anybody and everybody’s movement to emerge, through individual and group expression.

The training includes

  • Foundations for improvisation and performance-making in diverse groups of people with and without disabilities
  • Integrating Contact Improvisation with mixed abilities
  • Learning how to plan and teach classes for all levels, and all abilities
  • Learning to lead performance-making projects, including outdoor public space and street performances
  • Learning how to organise and administer development and ideas for international networking
More Details: For further details on DanceAbility International’s website, please click here.

More than 400 people with and without disabilities have attended the DanceAbility Teacher Certification courses worldwide since 1996. Those trained in DanceAbility have continued to develop and expand inclusive dance communities around the world.

DanceAbility Teacher Certification is for people who want to teach integrated groups in movement arts, or learn a model for facilitating communities that foster inclusive participation. The course covers well-defined methods and techniques for teaching. The appoach is an ever-changing response to designing creative movement practices that allow anybody and everybody’s movement to emerge, thereby facilitating individual and group expression. Participants in the DanceAbility Teacher Certification Course will build on their own experiences to develop appropriate materials for the continued development of the work in their own communities.

TEACHER: DanceAbility® Method founder Alito Alessi has been teaching DanceAbility Teacher Certification Courses internationally since 1996. He is a Guggenheim award winning choreographer and a pioneer in inclusive (mixed-abilities) dance.

Watch the video from DanceAbility Teacher Certification Course, Vienna 2014, and the interview with Alito Alessi, Helsinki 2009.