DanceAbility addresses

isolation through inclusion

normalcy through diversity

body through movement

separation through unity

stereotypes though uniqueness

society through community

hierarchy in movement aesthetics

Sally Davison DanceAbilty Finland

DanceAbility Finland Association (DAF)

DanceAbility Finland was created in 2008 to support inclusive dance nationally and internationally. We teach workshops, offer outreach into different communities in order to share, explore and cultivate involvement in the multifaceted art of dance. We do this through lectures, demonstrations, workshops and networking. We also provide possibilities for skill development by participation in residencies and international workshops.

There are now 24 certified DanceAbility Teachers in Finland.

DanceAbility Finland is part of the international DanceAbility network. Read about our international and national partners.

If you are interested in supporting our work you can become a member of our association or contact us about making a donation.

DanceAbility Finland


Founder: Gunilla Sjövall

Gunilla Profile

Gunilla Sjövall was founder and chairperson of DanceAbility Finland from 2008 – 2016. During her time as chairperson, she supported the growth of the association and is a pioneer in the inclusive dance field in Finland. Gee discovered dancing later in life having believed it was not a possibility for her. When Gee dances she shares her heart and soul. Gee continues as a dancer both with Kaaos Co and elsewhere.

Chairperson: Sally Davison

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Becoming a DanceAbility teacher in 2007 literally changed my life. It initiated me on a journey that continually informs and shaped who I am and what I do.  I am deeply inspired by the implications of what it means to have an inclusive society, to include every body in dance, in the language of the body. Movement fascinates me,  I love to explore, play and discover how bodies can communicate and interact with each other and our environment that can have profound effects on the experience of being human.

My movement practice is influenced and informed by my practices in DanceAbility, nonstylized environmental movement, somatics and chi kung. I am grateful to all the people who have taught me and who continue to teach me. To Alito Alessi and to all the bodies from which this work grew and to all the people through whom it will continue. Carrying us all on the tide of body awareness and therefore enriching every body. I am currently studying a MA in Dance & Somatic Well Being which continues to inform this body of a reality much bigger than I know.


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Sally Davison (Chairperson)
Milla Ilonen (Vice Chairperson)

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