DanceAbilityDanceAbility provides the possibility for everyone to experience and share the creative self-expression of their body through present movement experience. Each person’s body speaks in an original way and DanceAbility provides the possibility for everyone to be seen and heard as they are. DanceAbility arose out of the question: “What does it mean to say everyone can dance?” and ultimately addresses: “How can we include everybody?”, which directly focuses on the problem of isolation that we have created in our society.

DanceAbility was created by Karen Nelson and Alito Alessi in the late 1980′s in the US. It grew out of the movement of contact improvisation. Alito Alessi has developed the method from all the bodies of the people who have attended classes from all over the world over the last 25 years. DanceAbility is an international organisation with projects happening in 20 countries and teachers in 40 countries.There are over 300 DanceAbility teachers worldwide and the number is continually increasing. Teacher Trainings happen yearly, sometimes biannually. The DanceAbility International website has a wealth of information, please check for more details

DanceAbility is the study of movement improvisation. Focusing attention on sensation, relationships and timing we open our attention into our body language to connect us more deeply to ourselves, to others and to the world in which we live. The method grew from the body and will continue to grow and evolve out of the lived body experience. Any movement can be a creative expression of who we are. DanceAbility helps develop sensory awareness, intuition, creative process, listening and connection. This in turn creates community, inclusion and a sense of wellbeing. Classes are fun and give each person the opportunity to express their individuality. The classes are suitable for every body.