Example Warm-Up

Try this, example of a warm up in a DanceAbility workshop:

First we find a position in which we can be comfortable so we can relax our bodies and our minds. We start by relaxing as a way to begin to listen to ourselves. You could do that in this moment now if you want to….. Just as you are, relax your eyes and put your attention on the sensation of your body breathing….Can you continue to be aware of your breathing as you read these words, so the words have spaces, breathing between them?..Can your eyes be soft and receiving? You don’t need to change anything, just feel what is already happening now in this moment. ¬†Feel the sensation of the weight of your body and the contact your body is making with the surface it is in contact with. Is it possible to deepen that contact and allow yourself to sink deeper into yourself? If your attention wanders bring it back to the sensation of your body breathing, this moment now… If you have tension somewhere in your body can you breath into the tension and let go more? ¬†With each exhalation can you surrender more of the sensation of your weight to the earth…Every time you breath your body changes it shape…. It may only be a little, but we are including all movement even the smallest of movements. Is it possible to feel this movement of your breath throughout your whole body?

Keeping your attention on your breathing can you make a movement that rides on the movement of your breath…Maybe a body part starts to move….Can you follow the movement, repeat it a little. Can you make the movement so small that if anyone was watching you they would not know you were moving?…keep doing this for a while….and now start to make the movement as big as you can, allow it to develop….Keep doing that for a while…now can you repeatedly make the movement as quickly as you can and then as slowly as you can….this is an example of how we can begin to allow our bodies to speak. You could try this with a movement that you do every day… make it bigger, smaller, faster or slower…Movement improvisation allows the possibility for us to have more choices available allowing new movements and ways of being to emerge.

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