Below you can find listed some of the organizations, groups and people who work with integrated dance in Finland.

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Dancehearts (former dance club of Uusimaa CP-association ) is an artistic dance group created especially for children and young people who belong to a neurological minority and who have some neurological disability. Since 2011 Dancehearts has been part of the art education courses of Annantalo Arts Centre.

Principles of our work:

  • We focus on art and artistic expression.

  • Working with creative and occupational methods through improvisation, kinesthetic and  multi-sensory techniques that lead to multifaceted artistic expression.

  • It is important for us to become seen in our environment.

The yearly summer courses of Dancehearts are open to everybody and they continue to be organized by Uusimaa CP-association. The summer courses are open air courses that are inspired by the environment and sites around Helsinki.

More information: webpages of Annantalo

Sanna Kuusisto
Isonlaitumentie 8, FI-01190 Box, Finland
tel +-358-9-2726216
email: vuorikuu(at)

Seated Flamenco – Hecho A Mano!
Helsinki Association for Physically Disabled People

The occupational center of Helsinki Association for Physically Disabled People holds a weekly dance class called seated Flamenco.

The first flamenco class for physically disabled people was a women’s class held in Helsinki in 1998 and was organized by Flamenco shop dance school. Through the cooperation and support of Helsinki Association for Physically Disabled People and City of Helsinki Sports Department the flamenco classes could continue, first in Myllypuro’s Liikuntamylly and later in the occupational center of Helsinki Association for Physically Disabled People in Voudintie, Helsinki.

In 2001 flamenco teacher, Hannele Tuomipuu started leading the group. Hannele has a deep understanding into the nature of flamenco, due to her long career in dance and teaching.

Flamenco group Hecho A Mano has performed many times in Finland.

Time and place: Tuesdays at 17.30–19.30 in the occupational centre of Helsinki Association for Physically Disabled People, in Voudintie 6, Helsinki

New flamenco dancers, registration to Hannele Tuomipuu.
Teacher: Hannele Tuomipuu, tel +358 40 736 5800
Contact person: Synnöve Lehtonen, tel +358 40 505 3655
Price 47 € / term


TAIKA TANSSI-dance for every body

Taika Tanssi (Magic Dance) is an improvisation dance group founded in 2002. Taika tanssi is an open group so everyone is welcome to join, no prior experience is required. The main philosophy is that dance comes from each one of us on our own, meaning that every movement is correct and that everyone can dance. We approach dance improvisation either alone, in pairs or as a group. The group is instructed by Antti Virta, a certified DanceAbility teacher.

Taika tanssi also performs at different events several times a year. For these performances, we prepare a short choreography and all group members are welcome to take part. Over the years the group has performed at many festivals and events all around Finland.

Place and time: Ruusukortteli Welfare Center, Puistokatu 11, Turku. Every Sunday at 17.00 – 18.30. Fall season 8.9.2019 – 15.12.2019 (ei 22.9.).  Spring season: 12.1.2020 - 17.5.2020
Price: 3€, first time free.

For more information:: Facebook

Contact: Antti Virta, or tel. +358(0)40-743 8489

The choreographer, director and media artist Tomi Paasonen has also worked with integrated dance. His integrated dance piece OLOTILA – STATE OF BEING was awarded the Theatre Event of the Year 2000 and it has been performed in many countries since.

Paasonen is interested in networking with people, organisations and institutions working in the field of art and disability. People interested in art expanding into social contexts by letting the social context expand the art.

Tomi Paasonen

Tomi Paasonen is a Berlin-based choreographer, director and visual artist born in Helsinki, Finland. After dancing with the Hamburg Ballet, Alonzo King’s Lines Ballet and The Joffrey Ballet, he co-founded KUNST-STOFF, a San Francisco based inter-disciplinary physical theatre and arts-event production company. In 2000 he moved to Berlin, where he launched his artistic platform PAA (Public Artistic Affairs). Currently (2014) he shares his time between his own projects and being the Artistic Director of ITAK (Regional Dance Centre of Eastern Finland) based in Kuopio, Finland

His eclectic dance-, opera- and media works have a strong aesthetic language that often is rooted in documentary layers, provided by the theme-specific casts he chooses for his productions. His practice of working both with professional dancers, performance artists, opera singers, actors, laymen, and minorities such as disabled people, prisoners, sexual minorities and people from all walks of life, has led him to develop a vast array of theme-specific improvisation methods. His stage works often break the spacial separation of audience and stage. Currently his work is increasingly dealing with interactive structures, giving the spectator more power to intervene and shape the event and breaking structural rigidity into unpredictability.