Jattle Bams

Jattle Bams were initiated by DanceAbility Austria in 2011 at the ImPuls Dance Festival in Vienna as part of DanceAbility Europe day (they were originally called Battle Jams). Jattle Bams are informal social events. Groups of dancers improvise and perform for each around themes chosen by the audience. Votes are gathered from the audience responces by a panel of judges who then decide who is the top Jattle at the Bam. DanceAbility Finland will now start Jattle Bams in Helsinki in 2015. Please contact us if you would be interested to participate or if you would be interested in hosting this event.

Children’s classes

DanceAbility Finland will start a children’s class in 2015. Our aim is to introduce DanceAbility to an integrated group of children so they have the possibility to discover dance as a way of creative expression. Please contact us (daf@danceabilityfinland.com) ┬áif you would be interested to participate in this group. More details will follow soon.

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