INFORMANCE now a part of Erasmus + DOOL project


DanceAbility Finland is now involved in an Erasmus + program Dance Out Of Line (DOOL). We are happy to be part of this EU program enabling us to work again in schools and to collaborate with the EU partners from Austria, Italy, Slovenia, and Hungary.  

The project is active from 2018-21 and we are currently organizing the  Autumn 2019/ Spring 2020 schedule. If you are interested in INFORMANCE – You Can Look! visiting your school please check out the pdf for more details INFORMANCE – esite (at the moment only in Finnish).

Our original INFORMANCE – You Can Look!  is now expanded to a day-long encounter with school children. The day consists of a performance and a co-creative workshop where the children create their own short performances for each other.

For more info contact: Kaarina Koistinen: // 040 – 723 0463

Informance Team


Jonna Lehto is dance artist and physical theatre maker, who is working with comedy, improvisation, communality and equality. She graduated as DanceAbility teacher in 2015 and she has been collaborating with DanceAbility Finland and Kaaos Company these last 5 years. In her teaching Jonna focuses on exploring body language and imagination with the elements of enjoyment and surprise.

DanceAbility Teacher, Dancer Noora Västinen

Noora Västinen is a Steiner pedagogue, laughter yoga coach, dancer and DanceAbility teacher (since 2017). Noora was invited to join inclusive dance company Kaaos Company for POND (2016) and continues to work regularly with Kaaos. Cultivating presence in performance Noora engages with the moment in a playful way and in teaching values equality, accessibility, community, joy, and allowing.

Kaarina picture

Kaarina Koistinen studies occupational therapy and has also studied dance and somatics at ISLO in 2017. Kaarina wants to advance social equality and became a DanceAbility teacher in 2018 (Impulstanz). Play, creativity and, freedom to express oneself is important for her. Kaarina is the producer for this project.

INFORMANCE – You Can Look! History

DanceAbility Finland started the INFORMANCE – You Can Look! program in Helsinki elementary schools in 2012. The program consisted at that time of a performance from the Kaaos repertory (for 25 minutes) followed by an interactive discussion addressing the subject of difference with the children (for 20 minutes). The program was active 2012-2014.

The program introduces the idea that every body speaks and every movement can be creative self-expression.  Inviting the children to play with ordinary everyday movements by changing the size, timing, and quality directly experiencing themselves through the movement of their body.  

We ask questions and talk about difference with the aim of dispelling concepts around the subject so children are not afraid to look or talk about difference – so the experience becomes ordinary.  Informance’s have been seen by over 4000 children (April 2019). 


Comments about INFORMANCE

”The pupils behaved really well and they watched the performance in stillness. The performers really put themselves on the line and the pupils respected that. The teachers commented that INFORMANCE was really great, the best event in our school this year.” Teacher at a junior high school in Helsinki

”I had forgotten that an event like this was coming and my pupils had to go see it unprepared. It did not seem to bother them, everybody was participating and the performance seemed to touch them.” Teacher at a junior high school in Helsinki

”Never ever in my working life at a junior high school (around 15 years), not in any occasion organized in the big gym hall, have I seen pupils behave as well as in your performance. So, there was something about it! A big thanks to you!” Teacher at a junior high school in Helsinki