X Dance Festival 2018 – Dreams and Imagination

We are happy to announce the program for this years X Dance Festival 2018. The festival lasts for 3 days. More news coming soon…. Welcome

X Dance Festival Program 2018

(The program is subject to change).

Merikaapelihalli, Kaapelitehdas
19:00: (DEMO) TOO MUCH, TOO YOUNG: Liisa Pentti & Co.

A playful afternoon with dance for kids and families. Small performances, open dance workshops and activities, DJ and café. Outdoor event.

TREMULOUS SUMMER TOAS: Dance, music and visual art in the Annantalo garden. Works are made during kids’ art summer camp. Production Sanna Kuusisto/Annantalo, HAM and Band School of Northern Helsinki.

WHERE ARE MY BOUNDARIES? Dance group Ihanat: workshop and performance. Choreographer Riina Hannuksela.

ROUTE 6353 excerpts & workshop. Choreography: Favela Vera Ortiz, Dancers: Titta Court & Julie Cleves

Merikaapelihalli, Kaapelitehdas
10:00-12:00: CHOREOGRAPHIC LAB: INVALID:DATED with Matt Shilcock (AU) and working group
14:00-15:00: PANEL DISCUSSION – Meet the choreographers; Liisa Pentti, Matt Shilcock (AU), Favela Vera Ortiz, Georgie Goater (NZ), Elina Sarno and Annika Silander
15:30-17:00: CHOREOGRAPHIC LAB: ROUTE 6353 with Favela Vera Ortiz and working group
17:15-18:00 DANCE FILMS: The Eye Of The Norm (SE), INterRupt: Lau Lukkarila (AT), INterRupt: Sally Davison (FI)

Zodiak Stage and Lobby, Kaapelitehdas
19:00: TOO MUCH, TOO YOUNG (premiere): Liisa Pentti and Co.(40 mins) @Stage
19:50: URBANTURE: Choreography: Ilona Kenova, Dancer: Marjukka Savolainen, Scenography: Jenny Olkkonen (10 mins) @Lobby
20:15: PATELLA – FLOATING BONE: Kaaos Company (50 mins) @Stage

Merikaapelihalli, Kaapelitehdas
12:00 -13:00 DANCE FILMS: The Eye Of The Norm (SE), INterRupt: Lau Lukkarila (AT), INterRupt: Sally Davison (FI)
13.00-14.30: WORKSHOP: Dances to a Beat: Kati Korosuo
15.00-17.00: KAAOS KOLLEKTIIVI WORKSHOP: Improvisation workshop followed by an improvised performance with members of Kaaos Kollektiivi.

Zodiak Stage and Lobby, Kaapelitehdas
19.00: ALKEMIK KONNECTIONS (premiere): Choreographers & Performers: Matt Shilcock, Melinda Tyquin & Kaaos Company (40 mins) @Stage
19.45: CAN I SEE YOU: Choreographers & Dancers: Annika Sillander, Nanna Rahikainen & Eeva Simons (10 mins) @Lobby
20.10: ROUTE 6353 (premiere): Choreography: Favela Vera Ortiz, Dancers: Titta Court & Julie Cleves, Scenography: Lotta Esko, Sound Design: Johanna Storm. (45 mins) @Stage

Ticket Prices
Festival Pass: 2 Day: 30€ // 1 Day 20€
Choreographic Labs / Workshops 7€ each (discount 5€ to participate in all).
Evening Performance Program: 15€/12€ concession (Both Evenings 25€/20€ concession), Groups above 10:10 € per person.

TICKETS WILL BE FOR SALE FROM 11.05.18 at our Holvi Shop (

DanceAbility Sundays Spring 2018

DanceAbility Sundays every week 14-16 in Zodiak B2 studio Kaapelitehdas. 14.01.18 – 03.06.18. EXCEPTIONS 21.01 AND 18.03 WILL BE IN C4. AND THERE WILL BE NO CLASS ON 11.02 AND 01.04 (EASTER).

Welcome to DanceAbility Children’s Classes in Annantalo!

DanceAbility uses movement improvisation and exercises that everyone is able to do. The classes are mixed ability, children with and without disabilities, parents are also welcome. An accessible entrance is located to the rear of the building. The classes are free.

Dates for spring are every other Saturday: 20.1, 3.2, 17.2, 3.3, 17.3, 31.3, 14.4, 28.4, 12.5.2018. The class are from 14-15 in tanssiluokka, Annantalo (Annankatu 30, Helsinki).

More information: Jonna Lehto +358 405439571 or email