Julie Nathanielsz (USA) Dancing and Composing (2013)

Julie Nathanliez in Past workshopsThe workshop will take us into layers of movement dialogue, between ourselves and a partner, within the group as a whole. We will spend time watching and brailing, in order to learn more about what we are making.

Julie is a dance-maker based in Austin, Texas. Her work is chiefly concerned with connections between sensation and dance composition, in solo and group forms.

 Sally Davison (UK/FI) Nature Nurture (2013)

IMG_0624Dance workshop in studio and in nature. This two day workshop focuses on exploring movement improvisation with tasks inside a studio preparing us to then go outside and move in natural surroundings. Exploring the moving dialogue of relationships to others, nature and the environment in which we find ourselves. How do we define our environment and how does it define us?

Jurij Konjar (SL) Icarus (2012)Jurij  Konjar workshopDuring this workshop Jurij Konjar will facilitate the participants on a 4 day journey culminating in a performance at Lasipalatsi square on Helsinki Day June 12 focusing on mobility. Using material developed during the workshop we will find ways to be inspired from each other’s ways of dealing with limitations with the intension of flying.

Jurij Konjar (SL) Going, not arriving (2012)

During this workshop we will work on the processes of improvisation. We will individually examine our movement processes talking about what we observe within while moving. Expanding this theme into partner work and then into larger groups we can observe our tendency to make the other the central point of our Universe, our Reason to be and our Excuse. Instead we will observe them as another equal part of the whole.

Jurij Konjar has studied body and movement extensively working internationally as a dancer, performer and choreographer. During the last five years his focus has been on the processes that happen before and during movement taking shape. This process was triggered by seeing a video of Steve Paxton’s Goldberg Variations and initiated a long process of observation through repetition. Presently he continues this practice, teaching and performing Goldberg Variations.

Rene Baker (UK) Expressive Objects (2012)

Rene Baker workshopA practical and playful introduction to the expressive possibilities of puppets and objects. Working with a variety of figures and everyday objects, participants will discover the object’s potential for symbolic communication and learn simple techniques for bringing puppets to life through movement.

Rene Baker is a specialist in puppet and object theatre with 22 years experience as a performer, director, designer, pedagogue, and researcher. Since 1998 she has been developing a training for animating puppets and is currently investigating the wider use of objects in theatre and the social arts.