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Kaaos Kollektiivi for professionals continues Spring 2020

Kaaos Company is pleased to announce the continuation of Kaaos Kollektiivi and invites performing artists (with and without disabilities) who are interested in improvisation to join our monthly gatherings. The aim of the Kollektiivi is to provide professional development possibilities for participants. We wish that you have established experience in some form of performing arts so you can work as an independent artist within the group. 

 The meetings are open and semi-structured, based on group decision and interest. If someone has a specific interest they wish to explore they can sign up in advance to facilitate the rehearsal. We welcome the opportunity to research topics that are mutually interesting for everyone, so we encourage you to bring your own ideas and practices to share. We expect everybody to contribute and facilitate at some point. Spring dates for 2020 in Zodiak B2 at Cable Factory Sun 19.1., 23.2., 5.4., 26.4., 31.5., @ 16:00–18:00

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Photo Mikko Keski-Vähälä