Artistic Director

From the Artistic Director

Sally Davison (2010-2023)

My motivation has always been fueled to create a wider perception of dance as a portal to expose perceptual realities beyond the mundane. Every body is a portal to perceive and an invitation to become something more than what is known.

When artistic work is created from varied embodiments we are all invited to be-come aware of our own assumptions, presumptions and prejudices (many which may be unexamined social and cultural narratives and biasis).

Being actively engaged in a dialogue addressing “What dance is?”, ”Who can dance?” and “What do audiences want to see?” has continually required the work to develop and evolve.  What we present and produce has been an ongoing dialogue with these questions.

As Artistic Director I was always interested in developing work to conceive and present original ideas by finding key collaborators who could support the uniqueness of the dancers and the company in their artistic work.

The intention behind Kaaos Company was to keep the process fluid by inviting different performers (people who had experience but also those who did not). To keep the conversation growing through varied embodiments and creative processes. This also extended to where the work was performed and to whom, as I believe this not only changes perceptions and narratives but also supports a more inclusive dance field in Finland which benefits every body.

My intentions with Kaaos Company were directly influenced by my own biases (including my own assumptions, presumptions and prejudices) and the trajectory of the work can not be separated from my own ongoing process of embodiment.