Warm thanks to the everyone participating X Dance Festival Afternoon!

We are happy to receive documentation, photos from the festival. You can send them to kaaos@danceabilityfinland.com

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Cross Generation 

28.02.17 at 15-20

Caisa Hall, Mikonkatu 17 C / Vuorikatu 14, Helsinki

Kaaos Company in cooperation with Caisa Cultural Center will host the X Dance Festival  Afternoon with the theme of Cross Generational. The afternoon consists of workshops, discussions and performances.

15:00 Festival opening. Welcome circle
15.15-16.15 Workshop 1: Inclusive workshop finding the dance in sharing weight through duets and ensemble, working with musical soundscapes towards a playful performative space. Georgie Goater (NZ) is a dancer, choreographer, improviser and performer. She has worked with Touch Compass Dance company; NZ’s professional inclusive dance company (2012 – 2016) 15.15–16.15
16.30-17.15 Workshop 2: Dancing with wheelchairs. Practical guidance and applications for dancing with people in wheelchairs and for wheelchair dancers with Sally Davison.
17.20-17.27 Performance: Missä minun rajani ovat? – luonnoksia- Dance Group Wonderful: Vappu Virkkula, Sofia Johansson, Minttu Heinonen, Pyry Varvikko, Onni Niemi, Tuukka Pääskysaari, Liisi Kilpelä ja Riina Hannuksela
17.30-18.30 Panel Discussion. Cross Generational hosted by Pia Lindy (FI) with Maija Karhunen(FI), Siiri Tiilikka (FI), Georgie Goater (NZ), Riina Hannuksela (FI), Miranda Laurence (UK)
18.45-19.45 Performances 
Rhythm solo - Siiri Tiilikka (4 min)
Maailmankaikkeuden tanssi - Dancehearts  (10 min)
Is it time to put the hat on? - Kristina Ahlman, Anna Fruzsina Karvalics, Hannele Turunen (9 min)
Street Dance - R-I-C (4 min)
Chinese Whispers – Excerpts - KAAOS (10 min)
Layers - Pia Lindy & Heini Nukari (20 min)
19.45-20 Closing Circle
For more information contact:
Sally Davison (Artistic Director of Kaaos Company), sally@danceabilityfinland.com, +358(0)40 0843689 (in English)
Jonna Lehto, daf@danceabilityfinland.com, +358(0)40 5439571

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