Photo: Jussi Ulkuniemi: two people on the ground, one is sitting facing forward and the other facing back. In the background out of focus is a person in a wheelchair and another person beside them sitting on the ground. Off to the right hardly visible is someone lying face down on the ground.

KATRAS is a performance initiative started in 2021 by Sally Davison (thanks to funding received from the Kone Foundation for the artistic work of Kaaos Company 2021-22). The aim was to create a small group who would be available to perform regularly in a variety of places and spaces in Finland.

There is usually a combination of four dancers which includes: Kadar Khristan, Siiri Tiilikka, Jonna Lehto, Georgie Goater. Noora Västinen and Sally Davison have also performed with the group.

Performances during 2021-22 took place in various cities in Finland and in collaboration with other festivals. The performances occurred in theatres and public spaces to give visibility to dance in different contexts and to interact with a wide range of audience demographics.

If you would like Katras to perform at your event please contact us kaaos@danceabilityfinland.com