Our Vision



Photo: Jarkko Mikkonen: Kaliedoscope (2010):  A dark stage with a clump of people and an empty wheelchair.

Kaaos Company is committed to exploring movement practices that amplify the uniqueness of bodies rather than pursuing traditional dance aesthetics and conventional beauty. The diversity of physicality and ability among the dancers is regarded as a strength and an invitation for new movement expressions and creative outcomes.

We believe integrated dance performance is a powerful way to present, communicate and reflect different values to society to break through social and cultural biases which often go unquestioned about who can dance and what dance is.

It is our aim to present varied embodiments through the lens of dance and movement into new narratives based on mutual learning. The creative potentials we  find together give us all more diverse ways to be human in how we think, move and create artistic work.

Text: Sally Davison