Saari residency (2013) Workshop-Performance Project for 2 weeks lead by choreographers Pia Lindy and Sally Davison

Meeting Connections – Inner Dance and Environment was an intensive 2-week residency project for people from different backgrounds with and without disabilities to meet through dance. The project created material during the workshop for a site specific performance in the city of Turku. The performance was a culmination of research of the moving body within different environmental contexts.

Aurora Borealis – reflections from the Kalevala (2012)

Kaaos companies original version of the timeless story of the Finnish national classic, the kalevala. The sound and body becomes the story expressing the archetypes through movement and dance. The elements of nature contend for control within the spiraling cycle of life in the context of the human story and movement. Is the story relevant to us today? Does it have any context in our modern society? Aurora Borealis brings together a group of 9 performers with and without disabilities to offer a theatrical experience on themes from the mystery of the Kalevala.

Choreography: Sally Davison

Dancers: Talvikki Eerola, Tuuli Helle, Jere Kolehmainen, Outi Ivaska,Ilona Kenova, Gunilla Sjövall, Noora Sinisalo, Pierre Seraphin, Tuukka Martiskainen

Sound: Juhani Saari

Lights: Immanuel Pax

Costumes: Reija Stenius

Photographer: Ismo Helen and Mikko Keski-Vähälä

Documentation: Sini Haapalinna

Premiere 16.11.2012, Malmitalo, Helsinki

Performances: Malmitalo Helsinki (2012), Kokkola Dance Festival (2013)

Human Garden (2011)

A woman, a garden, a pool, a statue come to life. When the life comes what does it bring with it? Relationships blossoming and withering in the eternal flow of life.

Choreography: Sally Davison

Dancers: Sally Davison, Gunilla Sjövall

Photographer: Ismo Helen

Performances: Turku Integrated Dance Festival (2012) Copenhagen (2011)

Kaleidoscope – The unbearable beauty of difference (2010)

A dance theatre piece involving a diverse group of 7 people. The diversity was reflected through the bodies and the ages of the performers which supported the original work that was created together. Through the image of a Kaleidoscope we were introduced into different alternative ways of seeing. The reflection is both humorous and poignant at the same time. During the journey we ultimately perceive the similarities, we are all parts of the puzzle making a whole picture together.

Choreography: Sally Davison

Dancers: Tuuli Helle, Outi Ivaska, Ville Johansson, Maija Karhunen, Ilona Kenova, Tom Leidenius, Gunilla Sjövall

Sound: Juhani Saari

Lights: Ina Niemelä

Costumes: Sally Davison

Photographer: Jarkko Mikkonen

Documentation: Sini Haapalinna

Premiere Malmintalo 29 October 2010

Performed Malmintalo, Kanneltalo, Helsinki (2010), Logomo Turku (2011).