Swan Song

A herd of swans
                                                                    A d r i f t of . . . . S w a n S
             A L A M E N T A T I O N of
                                                    S w a n S o n g
Image: Rea 
When I die, life consumes me.
Things become formless, wings shed their feathers and become featherless wings.
My hands, your hands – “i know this hand” – a featherless wing holding the sky.
“I know what it is to listen to this hand. I recognise the softness of the skin”
Georgie Goater and performers (Sally Davison & Gunilla Sjövall)
Swan Song Trailer

SWAN SONG unveils and unravels nuances of space, time, and dimension from the relational space between the two bodies of Sally Davison and Gunilla Sjövall. The space is informed by their fifteen-years working together as dancers, collaborators, and organisers of inclusive dance in Finland. Between them, they inhabit 133 years of life shaped by disability, age, and life on the periphery. Both dancers started or resumed dancing at ages when it is usually considered time to cease. The enduring quest to promote dance for all people has been the fuel of their relationship.

SWAN SONG is a journey of desires, motivations, and impulses that shape space when two bodies align for a common goal. The dialogue of body tissue shaped in flesh by biology, anatomy, physiology, history, society, phenomena, and the relational as it moves towards endings, change, and letting go….

Swan Song is a ode to the shifting sands we have found ourselves immersed in during these present times when we can often not be in the same space together. Swan Song found new ground and ways to be during this time in flowing with the changes.
In spring 2021 we rehearsed online and in the autumn Gunilla and Sally were able to move in the same space together. However, by January when the performance was to premiere this had again shifted.
During X Dance Festival 2021 we offered an audio version reflection of our process. And in the January phase of the work we developed a video of the process as we were not able to be in the space at the same time. The video will be included in the live performance.

Performance dates:15.03.,16.03.,18.03.,19.03.22

Place: Monitoimitila O. Kerttulinkuja 1, Helsinki. Map

The space is accessible.

Doors Open 18:00-20:00. Performance starts at 18:30 and lasts about 60 minutes.

We will be following official guidelines so this information will be updated closer to the dates.

You can reserve tickets HERE

Enquiries:  0468954239 // swansong@danceabilityfinland.com



Photos: Georgie Goater

Working group

Performers: Sally Davison, Gunilla Sjövall

Mentors: Georgie Goater, Maija Mustonen, Rea

Sound: Riku-Pekka Kellokoski

Light: Sofia Palillo

Costume/Set: Heli Hietala

Film and Image: Rea 

Venue: Monitoimitila O.

Producer: Sally Davison / Raila Knuuttila


Sjövall and Davison met at ImPulsTanz Dance Festival in Vienna in 2007 during the DanceAbility Certification Program. The significance of this meeting aligned a focus the two have shared and held during the last fourteen years. During this time they created DanceAbility Finland ry in 2008 and Kaaos Company in 2010. There have been many people who have contributed to both organisations over the years, however, Sjövall and Davison have remained a constant until now – now it is time for change – Swan Song marks this moment.

Swan Song is a performance narrative of the combined working relationship and friendship that has been a constellating force in the lives of both Sjövall and Davison. ‘The space is shaped by our history of dancing together over these years and it is our privilege to share this journey in the performance of Swan Song. The piece heralds the necessity of endings and change in the context of life both personally and collectively in letting go into the unknown….’

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