XDF 2016


2016 XDF Program

10.00-17.15  Blind dance

A kinesthetic performance to be experienced by one person at a time.

Facilitators: Gesa Piper & Kaisa Kukkonen

10.30-12.00: DigiDance Workshop – TaikaBox
XDF 2016 Photo: Ismo Helen

This workshop is about using a combination of projected image and digital sound that responds to a participant’s movement, enhancing and expanding their expression. Whether you are moving your fingers, an arm, or your whole body, you can control your environment, painting it with light and sound.

Tanja Råman and John Collingswood

13.00-14.00:  Panel Discussion – What are the goals of inclusive dance? What and who defines them?

Facilitation: Pia Lindy (FI)

Participants: Monika Požek – MeetShareDance (SI/ES), Bernhard Richarz – Tanzfähig (DE), Vera Rosner – DanceAbility Austria & MAD productions (AT), Sanna Kuusisto – Dancehearts (FI)

14.15-15.45 Jattle Bam

Improvisation open for everyone to join
Groups of dancers improvise and perform for each other with themes chosen randomly by each group. Votes are gathered from the audience responses who then decide who is the top Jattle at the Bam. The top Jattle will perform in the evening performance section.

16.00-17.00 Dance Films

Triptychon (DE) Tanzfähig (13:31)
Bailar desde quienes somos (Dancing from who we are) (ES) Becky SiegelOlaz (8:40)
Tanssitunti (FI) Zodiak – Uuden tanssin keskus Helsinki // Zodiak – Center for New Dance Helsinki (20:00)

17.00-18.30 X Afternoon (for the whole family)
Lehden Seikkailu – NotaBene duet

This is a dance and music performance which tells a story about little Leaf who decided to make a long journey in order to know more about the world. Interactive performance. The performance is specifically for 3-10 years old children and families.
Dancer: Vera Lapitskaya
Music: Natalia Koshelenko
Sound: Nadja Pärssinen

Big party – Dancehearts

The members of Dancehearts has made own small scale choreographies. The starting point was to find oneself in a place somewhere else than home. And to find a home somewhere else. For example in another country, other continent, other being, other time.

Dancers: Maija Heino, Petra Isoniemi, Sara Salomaa, Selja Salomaa, Elina Sarilahti, Gerard Caparrocas Serra, Sanna Kuusisto

Ha Wah Blah – Malmin Huikeat Tanssijat (M.H.T.)

Ha Wah Blah is a performance created between DanceAbility Finland and the Finnish CP Association. The main goal of the performance is to give a happy feeling for the audience. The choreography combines mechanical features, like sound and light of an electric wheelchair with authentic body movement.

Dancers: Sally Davison, Jonna Lehto, Veikko Mattsson, Juha Nikkinen, Mirja Sormunen

Costume: Reija Stenius

Sound: Juhani Saari

Tanssilahja sinulle – Riina Hannuksela ja Käpylän peruskoulun tanssikerho

I love dancing. I enjoy performing. I would like to dance to You. Would you like me to dance the finest dance I’ve ever danced? I am ready. Are you?

Choreography: Riina Hannuksela
Dancers: Vappu Virkkula, Linnea Helokoski, Eelis Sunila, Onni Niemi, Pyry Varvikko

19.00-20.30 Evening Performances
Siiri in Kindergarden

”In this piece I worked with images of how I played when I was a child in kinder-garden. Although I began with these images, the piece is now a work on its own that reflects on memory and my own movement style.”

Dancer: Siiri Tiilikka

Jattle Bam

The winning group from the Jattle Bam will improvise from a theme chosen by the audience.

Night of Home Videos

XDF 2016 night-of-the-home-videos

Night of the Home videos consists of four intertwined solos generated with themes of personal memory, story, and mapping of personal spaces. The result is a piece that integrates a range of life experiences and abilities that showcases strong performance and artistry within a multimedia world.

The performers have graduated as dancers from Keskuspuisto Vocational College.

Performers: Siiri Tiilikka, Iiris Walter, Nikolas Iltola, Nino Saikkonen

Choreographic Director: Satu Hummasti

Choreographic Assistant: Katri Huitila

Video and sound: Jukka Huitila

Chinese Whispers – Kaaos Company

Chinese Whispers plays with interpretation using dance, object theatre and text. We journey through the landscape of language both physical and metaphysical to perhaps momentarily find our own “understanding”.

Performers: Jonna Lehto, Gunilla Sjövall

Choreography and Costume: Sally Davison

Sound: Juhani Saari

Production: DanceAbility Finland ry

Hafed Kollaasi Eroista ja Hauraudesta – K&C Kekäläinen & Company

XDF 2016 Hafed Collage of Differencies and Fragility

Hafed Collage of Differences and Fragility is Sanna Kekäläinen’s new work, which premieres in October 2016 at Physical Art Theatre. The work will be interpreted by six performers. The performance at X Dance Festival is an excerpt of the work. It’s a duet performed by Kekäläinen and Maija Karhunen, in which the two women, who live and move in very different corporealities, investigate proposals on identity, gender, difference and fragility.

Choreography and Dance: Sanna Kekäläinen

Dancer: Maija Karhunen

Producer: Lilja Lehmuskallio

20.30-21.00 Open Discussion

21.30-23:00 Dance Party

Thank you
DanceAbility Finland ry, hallitus / Board: Milla Ilonen, Pia Lindy, Ansku Rahikainen, Jojo Salonen, Emmi Vainio, Secretary Jonna Lehto (for all your work)Treasurer Gunilla Sjövall (for all your work), Monika Požek / Asociación MeetShareDance, Ismo Helén & Sanni Purhonen / CrossOver Festivaali, AB-Asvaltti Oy, Sami Antikainen, Anna Jaanisoo, Wisa Knuuttila, Mervi Leivo, Juhani Saari and all the people who have supported our work over the years.

Production: Kaaos Company

Artistic Director: Sally Davison

Kaaos Producing Team: Sally Davison, Gunilla Sjövall

MeetShareDance: Monika Požek

Crossover Festivaali: Ismo Helén & Sanni Purhonen

Graphic  Designer: Wisa Knuuttila

Supported by Helsinki City and Eucrea