XDF 2018


XDance Festival 2018

7.06.18 Merikaapelihalli, Kaapelitehdas

19:00: (DEMO) TOO MUCH, TOO YOUNG: Liisa Pentti & Co.


Playful afternoon with dance for kids and families. Small performances, open dance workshops and activities, dj and café. Outdoor event.

TREMULOUS SUMMER TOAS: Dance, music and visual art in the Annantalo garden. Works are made during kids’ art summer camp. Production Sanna Kuusisto/Annantalo, HAM and Band School of Northern Helsinki.

WHERE ARE MY BOUNDARIES? Dance group Ihanat: workshop and performance. Choreographer Riina Hannuksela.

R-I-C: When words are not enough, the creativity takes over. Riku Silander performs street dance solo with his own beats and music.

ROUTE 6353 excerpts & workshop. You will get to see a short scene of the new performance Route 6353 by choreographer Favela Vera Ortiz. Dancers Julie Cleves and Titta Court will also dance with you after the show. Come and try some movement together with us! For all ages.

**9.06.18 klo 10.00-18.00 @Merikaapelihalli, Kaapelitehdas **

10:00-12:00: CHOREOGRAPHIC LAB: INVALID:DATED with Matt Shilcock (AU) and working group

XDF 2018 Panel Discussion

14:00-15:00: PANEL DISCUSSION – Meet the choreographers; Liisa Pentti, Matt Shilcock (AU), Favela Vera Ortiz, Georgie Goater (NZ), Elina Sarno and Annika Sillander facilitated by Riina Hannuksela

15:30-17:00: CHOREOGRAPHIC LAB: ROUTE 6353 with Favela Vera Ortiz and working group,

17:15-18:00 DANCE FILMS: The Eye Of The Norm (SE), INterRupt: Lau Lukkarila (AT), INterRupt: Sally Davison (FI)

** 19.00 -21.00 @ Zodiakin Stage and foyer, Kaapeliteehdas **

XDF 2018 Too Much Too Young

TOO MUCH, TOO YOUNG (premiere): Liisa Pentti & Co.


URBANTURE: Choreography: Ilona Kenova, Dancer: Marjukka Savolainen, Set: Jenny Olkkonen

XDF 2018 Patella - floating bone


** 10.06.18 at 12.00-18.00 @Merikaapelihalli, Kaapelitehdas **

12:00 -13:00 DANCE FILMS: The Eye Of The Norm (SE), INterRupt: Lau Lukkarila (AT), INterRupt: Sally Davison (FI)

13.00-14.30: WORKSHOP: Dances to a Beat / Anna rytmin viedä: Kati Korosuo

15.00-17.00: KAAOS KOLLECTIVE WORKSHOP: Improvisaatiotyöpaja sekä Kaaos Kollektiivin jäsenten improesitys.

19.00 -21.00 @ Zodiakin Stage and foyer, Kaapeliteehdas

XDF 2018 Alkemik Konnections

ALKEMIK KONNECTIONS (Premiere): Choreographer and dancers: Matt Shilcock, Melinda Tyquin & Kaaos Company


CAN I SEE YOU: Choreography and dancers: Annika Sillander, Nanna Rahikainen & Eeva Simons

XDF 2018 Route 6353

ROUTE 6353 (premier): Choreographer: Favela Vera Ortiz, Dancers: Titta Court ja Julie Cleves, Set: Lotta Esko, Sound Design: Johanna Storm.