Body Verses


instantly composed dance performance


Iiris Raipala and Jasmiina Sipilä are dance artists and contact improvisers researching the meaning of touch in this era of involuntary distancing caused by COVID 19. The research draws from discussions amongst the neurodivergent working group including dancer Aino Laine and Doctor (specialists in hypersensitivity) Markus Sundblom, who have through discussions contributed to the process of making the piece. In the process the working group has contemplated, how it is to work with touch and contact improvisation as a neurodiverse person, with a neurodiverse person, as well as in the times of COVID 19.

Through this process we formed a performance called BODY VERSES.  

WHEN: Sunday 6.6.21 @ 19.00. There will be 3 performances (each lasting 20 mins)

WHEREMad House Helsinki

TICKETS: Book tickets here for 19:00 19:3020:00

ACCESSIBILITY: The venue is wheelchair accessible. However, there are few thresholds inside. Wheelchair users and people with special needs are kindly asked to contact Mad House so that we can ensure the accessibility of the space. Free tickets for assistants should be booked in advance. Spoken language is Finnish. Subtitles are in Finnish and English.

BODY VERSES is an instantly composed dance performance, where the moment-to-moment negotiation of distance, proximity and intimacy becomes the dance. This dance in interplay with the soundscape of words opens up internal and external landscapes. The poetry created for the piece is by Maria Matinmikko.

Performers: Iiris Raipala, Jasmiina Sipilä

Working group:  Aino Laine, Markus Sundblom, Iiris Raipala, Jasmiina Sipilä

Poetry: Maria Matinmikko

(NOTE: The audience members are invited to the performance space in small groups according the current COVID 19 instructions. Audience may move freely in the performance space during their visit, respecting the 2 meter distance. There are masks availible at the enrance. We are allocating a time for each group to enter the performance space. The performance lasts approximately 20 minutes. We are grateful for the opportunity to share a moment of presence in physical space.)


This event is offered in cooperation with Mad House Helsinki.