Daily Dance

Daily Dance 6-12 June @ 11:00-11:20

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 Sunday June 6 

Summer Breath with Georgie Goater (NZ/FI) and Siiri Tiilikka (FI)


Siiri and Georgie are curious how the body rhythms awaken with the breath of this summer moment. Join us in our morning movement workshop playing with light, air and your body’s own pulse.

Georgie is a dance artist and pedagogue who is non-disabled and multi-faceted. She gained her MA in Dance Pedagogy from the Helsinki Theatre Academy in 2019, and her BA in contemporary dance from Unitec NZ in 2006. She follows the magic wisdom of all bodies in relation with all other.

Siiri trained in the dance department of Keskuspuiston ammattiopisto for three years and is an experienced performer working with many different groups in Helsinki. Siiri is also a flamenco dancer, performing Carmen with Blue Flamenco in the UK as well as all over Finland.

LANGUAGE: English and Finnish


Monday June 7

The Feel of Dance with the working group of Kvartetto: Maria Lahti, Sanna Tornikoski, Jarmo Patana 


In the Feel of Dance moment for movement, the dancers and the choreographer of Quartet performance invite the participants to dance together in ways that are important to them. The teaching and following of the movement takes place mainly through mirroring, in a way that is meaningful and achievable for the participants themselves.

The working group of Quartet has gathered to work together in 2018. In addition to her career as a dancer, Jarmo Patana is an Olympic-level paddler. Sanna Tornikoski and Maria Lahti have performed with their solo choreographies e.g. Kokkola Winter Dance Open stage and Lahti also e.g. at the Tampere Film Festival. Kati Raatikainen is a performance and community artist as well as a yoga teacher, whose previous works with musician and sound artist Markku Essel include Bodies / objects (2015), lighting and space designer Milla Martikainen Collaboration/Community with Luka dog (2016) and Acts of care performance installation as part of a collective (2017-2019) and costume designer Roosa Marttiini Titled (2014).

WHERE: Via video shared through zoom link above


Photo by Antti Pahkamäki. In the photo Maria Lahti, Sanna Tornikoski, Jarmo Patana and Kalervo Kattilakoski


Tuesday June 8

Dance Moves 2021: dancing with rap with Kaarina Koistinen and Oskari Elias Kaski 


What are your dance moves in 2021? In the class we try together different dance moves and get inspired by rap music. You can take the class in relaxed way and you don’t need any experience with dancing! We wish that this daily dance brings good vibes to your day.

We are both interested in dance and Finnish rap music. Kaarina is dancing, because it’s fun to do something different with the body than the usual in everyday life. Kaarina is DanceAbility -facilitator and occupational therapist. Oskari enjoys facilitating dance moves with music. He also enjoys encouraging people to dance. Oskari thinks dance is great because then you don’t need to just stand still. It gives him good vibes and he finds a good attitude to life through dancing.



Wednesday June 9

 Ways of moving with Ida-Maria Mokki (FI) and Alisa Kaski (FI) 


An important element in this workshop is breathing and combining awareness of breath with movement. We work with movement qualities. We seek a sense of a shared dance, being aware our own dance, as well as the dance we share through the screen.

Ida: I’m about to graduate as a dancer from Vocational College Live. I love dancing, because with dance I am able to get to know myself and to explore all, that I can be. As a dancer, I draw from my inner self and I dance my emotions into movement. I teach improvisation and contemporary dance.

Alisa: I will graduate as a professional dancer this summer. My dancing background is in contemporary dance, dance improvisation and street dance styles. I do my own choreographic work and I love to teach dance to different kinds of groups. I have always found dance to be meaningful, because in dance I am my most creative and I can express myself trough movement.

LANGUAGE: Finnish (English translation if needed)


Thursday June 10 

 A Movement Journey inspired by the paintings of Catalan artist Joan Miró with Katarina Rampackova (SK/ES) and Noora Västinen (FI)


In this workshop, we use the paintings of Joan Miró to wake up our inner imagination. The images create pathways in our bodies to orientate to unknown places when movement and image manifest as guides into spaces where we can dance, play, and relax.  You will be guided in this journey by Noora and Kat.

Kat Rampackova is a choreographer, dance activist, and co-founder of civic contemporary dance association PST in her hometown Kosice (SK) which organizes a festival called MOVE fest. She collaborates with: Ara en movement (ES) and Sztuka Nowa (PL) and Kaaos Company (FI).

Noora Västinen is a dancer, teacher of inclusive dance (DanceAbility), and an expert in applied and participatory art. As a dancer, she performs in Kaaos Company and has a longstanding collaboration with Kat Rampackova, as well as the PST organization she represents in Slovakia.

LANGUAGE: Finnish  and English


 Friday June 11

 Coming to our senses with Ida-Maria Mokki (FI) and Alisa Kaski (FI)


The theme of the workshop is to listen to our bodies and allow ourselves to stop and be in the moment. In this workshop we work from a somatic starting point, perceiving our body and the surrounding environment. We listen to our bodies and awaken our senses, and through this we open into moving.

Ida & Alisa bio under June 9

LANGUAGE: Finnish  (English translation if needed)


Saturday June 12 

Shaping Space with Sally Davison (FI/UK) and Kadar Khristan (FI/SY)


Bodies as space, bodies moving through space. In this workshop we play with our inner and outer spaces and shaping our bodies and our environments. We explore virtual space in being with each other as we move together in same time different place.

Bio Sally Davison (they/ them) is a movement artist based in Finland since 2003. Davison is a natural wanderer through incompleteness and allured by states of embodiment centering humanness in the constancy of motion and becoming.

Kadar Khristan (he/him): Before dancing I was always feeling my limits and the condition of my body, which often felt restricted. When I began to dance I realised the limits only exist in my mind. . When I am dancing, I am making new relationships with myself, other people, and the space.