Sensuality Matters

Sensuality Matters: a discourse on sensuality in the artistic process


Join us to watch excerpts from the dance piece Scores that Shaped our Friendship. Following the excerpts there will be a discussion with Lucy Wilke (DE), Paweł Duduś (PL/DE) Kim Ramona Ranalter (DE) and Maria Lahti (FI) from the performance group Kvartetto will join the panel moderated by Nikolai Klix (FI/DE).

The panel participants are invited to open up the topic of the sensual body from the perspective of embodiment. How does the expression of sensuality in the creative artistic process cultivate different or alternative orientations to the body? How does sensuality challenge body hierarchy in the art field and in society by and large ? Can sensuality invite us to reorient embodiment as an action which is accessible and available to every body equally? In a culture and society where we are bombarded with objectification of the body, can we experience the body as a living presence, negotiating what it means to be human through including all bodies in artistic work? How can we be touched, affected and reshaped by this?

WHEN: Friday 11.6. @ 19:00 (EEST; UTC+03:00). Check your local time

WHERE: Via Zoom here: 

Meeting ID: 881 2919 3578

Passcode: 726669

LANGUAGE OF PANEL: English, Finnish, BSL and automated closed captioning in English

DURATION: 75 mins

ABOUT: SCORES THAT SHAPED OUR FRIENDSHIP is about togetherness. It’s about attention to detail and fun. Lucy Wilke and Paweł Duduś explore the scope of their relationship, their friendship. Their poetic tendencies, their urge for sensuality and the challenges that build us up in playful interactions.

This cocktail of personalities also challenges the stereotypes and normative perceptions in society and culture that eagerly mark, marginalize and discriminate against everything that is different. We respect our diversity and celebrate the non-normative. This work offers insights into an alternative way of living and being. It shows qualities and values that we wish to be more present in our daily lives.

Together we focus on the embodiment – the atypical embodiment. We embody our memories, our dreams and wishes. We embody beauty. We are beautiful.


Idea & Concept: Lucy Wilke and Paweł Duduś Duduś

Development and Performance: Lucy Wilke, Paweł Duduś, Kim Ramona Ranalter Live music: Kim Ramona Ranalter

Stage: Theresa Scheitzenhammer, Alexander Wilke

Light: Barbara Westernach

Outside Eye: Tamara Pietsch, David Bloom

PR: Kathrin Schäfer KulturPR

Assistance: Maryna Mikhalchuk

Artistic Production Management: Rat & Tat Kulturbüro

Photo: Martina Marini-Mysterioso

Graphics: Ismail Berkel, Martina Marini-Mysterioso

This panel discussion supported by the Goethe-Institut Finnland



Lucy Wilke was born in 1984 and is a singer, actor, dancer, writer and director. She writes film scripts, directs theatre plays and has directed several short films, including works with the actors Shenja Lacher and Lambert Hamel. Since 2013 she has performed all over Germany with her band BLIND AND LAME.

She has SMA (Spinal Muscular Atrophy) and uses a wheelchair. Lucy is a big fan of black humour and irony and she lives for art and for love. She is a trained speaker and singer. She received her stage training at the International Munich Art Lab. As a performer she played one of the leading roles in the musical “EXTAZE”. This was followed by the role of the white swan princess with the dance ensemble abArt in an interpretation of “Swan Lake”. In 2017, Lucy Wilke acted in the theatre performance “Fucking Disabled” directed by David von Westphalen at venues including PATHOS München, a production that was invited to Rodeo 2018, the Munich festival for independent theatre.


Paweł Duduś was born in Poland on a sunny day in August 1989 and is a queer migrant feminist, who has devised his artistic vocabulary from experiences in dance, theatre and performance art. Over the course of time, he has lived and worked in a range of places which has contributed to a broader socio-political sensibility that inspires his present artistic work.

One of the most important artistic and life experiences to influence Paweł Duduś was “#onlyloveisreal” – a collaboration based on friendship with Laura Eva Meuris – an ongoing research project dedicated to the themes of intimacy, love and (self-)caring.


Kim Ramona Ranalter was born in Munich in 1981 and discovered herself as a young adult with a great thirst for artistic and musical knowledge and an unrestrained delight in combining works, materials and forms of expression on stage. Now she most likes working as a theatre-maker, music producer, musician and DJ* Kim_Twiddle together with artists and ensembles of all backgrounds on interdisciplinary projects.

After two years of stage training with IMAL Musiktheater e. V. (International Munich ArtLab), she worked there until 2013 as Assistant to the Musical Director and a lecturer on Arrangement and Studio Technology. From 2014 to 2018 she worked with the directors Sapir Heller, Manuela Mantini, Leonie Pichler and Caitlin Maas and the ensembles Turbowerk MUC, FBM e. V., Theter e. V. and Bluespots Productions as part of Bavaria’s independent theatre scene.


Maria Lahti has performed their solo choreographies e.g. Kokkola Winter Dance Open stage and Lahti also e.g. at the Tampere Film Festival. They most recently have performed in Quartetto a dance piece which is  collaboration between choreographer Kati Raatikainen and the performers


Nikolai Klix was born in 1977 in former West Berlin and moved to Helsinki, Finland as a child. He has been doing performing arts as a hobby when he was younger and was the cultural secretary of Kynnys for 2019, Currently Nikolai is working on his article-based PhD dissertation in philosophy at Tampere University. The topic of his work is on the usage of the concepts of tolerance and respect as tools of linguistic domination and emancipation and their relation to the notion of inter-group recognition.