There’re no others / Own

Photo: Edward Petroff: two bodies one lying under and one lying over a  tree stump in the forest.

Plain language text: in the film we see the dancers bodies as a part of nature belonging to one home.

 Own is a short film which is a part of There’re no others project initiated by Indian poet Madhu Raghavendra and dance artist Vera Lapitskaya in 2022. The film is based on the original poem of Madhu Raghavendra which brings into focus the essential question of inclusion : how can we include all people in our society equally and accept all differences, so that there are no others, but all of us?

The initial point of There’re no others project was to consider the artist as a mediator in the society: how artists can act as a mediator from one person to another and how art can act as a platform for dialogue to discuss topics of inclusion, nonviolence and peaceful coexistence of differences.

30.05.2023 and 03.06.2023 16:00 -16:50

Caisa Auditorium, Caisa Cultural Centre, Kaikukatu 4, 00530 Helsinki.

This event inlcudes four dance films followed by a discussion.


Duration: 2:50

Working group

Madhu Raghavendra, Vera Lapitskaya, Edward Petroff, Isabella Mansnérus, Dimitris Tatsis, Natalia Kochelenko. All artists of the working group are professionals in the field of culture and art and have immigrant background.