Photo: Anna Ósk Erlingsdóttir: two people in a green forest both looking directly into the forest. One is sitting in a wheelchair and the other is behind them.

We are sorry to announce due to illness the Danskompaniet Spinn performance of Hannah Felicia is cancelled.
THIS EVENT IS  REPLACED WITH KAAOS COMPANY’S SWAN SONG performed by Sally Davison & Gunilla Sjövall. Read about the original performance of Swan Song performance (2022) here.
SWAN SONG. (Trailer)
The Sunday event 04.06.2023 at 14:30-16:00 will be replaced with a Jattle Bam – an informal improvisation event. Come to dance or watch. Everyone is welcome. The event is free of charge.
NOTE: If you have purchased tickets for Danskompaniet Spinn please contact Sally so we can refund your ticket. Sorry for any inconvenience on behalf of XDance Festival



You are welcome. Into a world that’s almost private, but one that we share together.

Where the love between two people tells a story of rivalry, tenderness, fellowship and sensuality. About an invisible line between liking and desiring. Spinn’s duet Hannah Felicia is about sisterhood and the relationship between two people. Or are we perhaps merely seeing two sides of the same person? That longs to be seen, accepted and loved. Choreographer Lára Stefánsdóttir often uses the dancers own conditions as the starting point. During several years, she was artistic director and choreographer for Iceland Dance Company, and she has also been awarded several prizes for her own works. The music for Hannah Felicia was created by Icelandic composer Högni Egilsson. The premiere took place in Kungsbacka in October 2020.

CHOREOGRAPHER: Lára Stefánsdóttir

DANCERS: Felicia Sparrström & Hannah Karlsson

COMPOSER: Högni Egilsson Courtesy of Erased Tapes Music Publishing

SOUND DESIGNER: Þórarinn Guðnason

COSTUME DESIGNER: Charlotte von Weissenberg

LIGHTING DESIGNER: Jonathan Fischhaber

TECHNITION: Simmel Åslund


​​PRODUCTION: Danskompaniet Spinn

PERFORMANCE: 03.06.2023 @ 20:00 & 04.06.23 @ 15:00 Caisa’s hall, Caisa Cultural Centre, Kaikukatu 4, 00530 Helsinki.

TICKETS: 15€, 12€ (concession)

DOUBLE BILL 03.06.23 (SPINN AND KAAOS): 20€, 16€ (concession)

XDF FESTIVAL PASS: 85€, 75€ (concession) includes Kaaos and Spinn performances, Adam Benjamin and Maylis Arrabit workshops.

For group prices and supported tickets (we want every one who would like to attend the possibility to do so). So if you need financial support or any information please email us

DANSKOMPANIET SPINN is a professional dance company based in Gothenburg, Sweden. We’re passionate about the art of dance and about challenging stereotypes regarding what dance is and can be.It’s about people with different abilities and new ways of creating and presenting dance. In our world, everyone is welcome. It’s not about how many pirouettes you can do, it’s about what you want to express through those pirouettes. Read more!

Hannah Felicia Trailer


In Hannah Felicia you’ll meet two persons in a close relationship, maybe they are sisters or lovers.

Danskompaniet Spinn is an inclusive dance company in Sweden who like to work with every body.